Behind Lens

The great acceleration given by the advent of digital, accentuated even more by the proliferation of the various Social, has contributed to the production of many images that, often, remain such without ever becoming real photographs.

The History of Photography is full of gifted people who have become Masters thanks to the education of this innate gift through the knowledge and mastery of photographic technique, also managing to create new techniques still applied today.
If talent cannot be learned, the photographic technique does and is necessary to be able to create photographic images that can “speak” to the viewer.
 The ZEN monks teach their students that it is necessary to learn an art (technically) so well that they can forget how to do it! The only technique is not enough if you do not have the ability to insert your emotions into the visual element to be photographed.Only an excellent technical knowledge with an emotional sensitivity, allows the photographer to create a communicative code with the subject to be photographed, thus succeeding in transmitting his sensations to the final observer.
In this publication I wanted to summarize all my knowledge on the various photographic techniques, on the possibilities of intervention on the photos taken directly in the camera and on the special techniques in macro photography.
A new compendium, in the language used which, although technical, can be used by novices to experts, as well as updated on some techniques that “tend” in the overseas world.
In short, technical knowledge must become an integral part of the photographer, so much so that it is used in a natural and non-forced way because it is the constitutive essence of every photograph taken.

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